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Dr Dao Abou

Oncology Clinical Consultant

Dr Dao oversees the oncology clinical operations and quality assurance.

Over the past 13 years Dr Dao has been a reference in radiation oncology, fulfilling a crucial role in improving cancer treatment in different parts of Africa. Prior to joining HIA, he helped establish and develop radiotherapy operations at several hospitals including the Nakhil centre in Morocco, the Muk and Maseb centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the university hospital of Bogodogo in Burkina Faso, where he managed clinical operations until joining HIA. Dr. Dao also held other prestigious roles such as consultant radiotherapist at the Novamed group in Ivory Coast, and as a teaching assistant at the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University in Burkina Faso.

Dr Dao is an avid teacher and researcher placing a significant focus on training and developing the skillset of consultants and therapists in radiation oncology. He also gave several key addresses on the topic of cancer in Africa and Europe and has published 5 scientific articles as well as 3 white papers on various medical topics.

Dr Dao obtained his specialization in Radiation Oncology from the University of Hassan II in Morocco.