Our Focus

Our networks deliver accessible critical care for the most urgent non communicable diseases (NCDs) impacting Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our areas of focus include:

Our Mission

Every two seconds, a person under the age of 70 dies of a non-communicable disease (NCD), and more than 85% of those deaths occur in low-to-medium income countries. As it stands, more than 27% of deaths in Nigeria are caused by NCDs.

We estimate that more than 200 linear accelerators are required for adequate cancer care in Nigeria, however fewer than 10 machines are currently installed in the country. Furthermore, Nigeria requires more than 6,000 hemodialysis machines for effective renal care, with only roughly 10% of this number currently installed.

Our mission is to help bridge this gap by developing and operating a network of specialty centres which provide reliable, quality, and accessible healthcare to all.

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